Becoming Leonardo: How Great Designers Think

Author and designer William Lidwell discusses his research exploring the top 10 defining heuristics—the cognitive strategies used to make decisions and solve problems—employed by great architects, designers, engineers, and innovators that enable them to achieve breakthrough design… (via YouTube)

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2 Comments on Becoming Leonardo: How Great Designers Think

  1. One question on this – The sample selected is just the best designers. So , it is reasonable to think that there could be Designers out there who use the very same techniques and they might not be great. Did you look at the designers who are not great , and ensure that they were not using these techniques?

  2. Thanks a lot for your question. I think William Lidwell’s approach was to look at how well-known “good Designers” work and to find patterns in their work process. The assumption is, if we (“regular Designers”) follow those patterns we might become better Designers. This sounds promising to me :).

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