Facerift: die Spielplattform der Zukunft

Facebook kauft Oculus VR die Macher von Oculus Rift

Orlovsky and Oculus Rift.jpg (Wikipedia)

Facebook kauft Oculus VR, die Macher von Oculus Rift, für 2 Milliarden US-Dollar. Im Oculus VR Blog heißt es zur Übernahme:

A few months ago, Mark, Chris, and Cory from the Facebook team came down to visit our office, see the latest demos, and discuss how we could work together to bring our vision to millions of people. As we talked more, we discovered the two teams shared an even deeper vision of creating a new platform for interaction that allows billions of people to connect in a way never before possible. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined forces with Facebook to create the best virtual reality platform in the world.

Man mag sich erinnern: 2012 sammelte Oculus VR über 2 Millionen US-Dollar durch die Crowdfunding Plattform Kickstarter. Unterstützer bekamen ein Dankeschön, ein T-Shirt oder einen frühen Prototyp von Oculus Rift. Auf Kickstarter hieß es damals:

Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality (VR) headset designed specifically for video games that will change the way you think about gaming forever. With an incredibly wide field of view, high resolution display, and ultra-low latency head tracking, the Rift provides a truly immersive experience that allows you to step inside your favorite game and explore new worlds like never before.

Und nur kurze Zeit später verkauft sich Oculus VR an Facebook. Man wird natürlich kaum sagen können, dass das von Anfang an geplant war. Rückblickend betrachtet erscheint die Aktion aber als Marketing Meisterleistung. Das Wall Street Journal schreibt:

Those almost 10,000 early investors on Kickstarter participated in one of history’s most lucrative funding rounds from the perspective of the people receiving the funding: a $2.4 million early-stage investment in what would become a $2 billion business in a year and a half, in return for 0.0% equity.

(Bild: Orlovsky and Oculus Rift, Wikipedia)

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