The Guide to Minimum Viable Products


Guide to MVP (by UXPin)

UXPin hat wieder ein sehr interessantes eBook (PDF, E-Mail Anmeldung notwendig) veröffentlicht: The Guide to Minimum Viable Products.

Minimum viable products are frequently misunderstood and misused. Because most business are strapped for resources, it’s a common mistake to focus only on the “minimum” part to get something out the door quickly. But an MVP is much more than just a minimum product. It is perfection by subtraction, the best bang for your buck, a serious reality check — “Hello, World!”. An MVP trims all the fat and leaves just the essence of your value to customers with the resources. In this book, we’ll share a wide breadth of expert commentary, theories, practices, and real-life examples of MVP success and failure.

Das eBook ist voller Zitate und Beispiele und eine tatsächlich sehr interessante Lektüre. Viel Spaß beim schmökern.

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