IA Gang Sign History

Eine kurze Geschichte in Bildern

St. Peter's Gate photo by Max Edelstahl

A short history of the IA gang sign.

2014, San Diego

2009, Berlin

In 2009 I made a little video to celebrate the than upcoming 10th Berlin IA Cocktail Hour. In the video I sign off with the IA sign.

Jan Jursa does the IA Sign

2008, Amsterdam

I tried to improve the IA Gang Sign. At EuroIA 2008 several IAs knew how to do the new IA Gang Sign.

EuroIA 2008 Amsterdam

Pictured: Peter Boersma, Jan Jursa, Søren Muus, Hendrik Sommerfeldt (Image by Paulinepauline).

2007, Barcelona

At EuroIA 2007 in a dark bar somewhere in Barcelona 8 Information Architects from 9 countries sign a super secret contract. That night Eric Reiss (and friends) re-invent the IA Gang Sign.

EuroIA Barcelona 2007


Signatures EuroIA 2007



… says Jesse James Garrett. And he’s right.

2002, Baltimore (MA)

IA Gang Sign

Image by Victor Lombardi

(Top image:Max Edelstahl)

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