Kinofilme in voller Länge auf YouTube

YouTube Kino wird immer besser

YouTube Kino

Ist eigentlich bekannt, dass es mittlerweile sehr viele Kinofilme in voller Länge auf YouTube kostenlos zu sehen gibt? Hier sind ein paar Empfehlungen (Englische Filme).

The Recruit

A brilliant young CIA trainee is asked by his mentor to help find a mole in the Agency. (IMDb)


John Gotti, the head of a small New York mafia crew breaks a few of the old family rules. He rises to become the head of the Gambino family and the most well-known mafia boss in America. (IMDb)

Bad Company

When a Harvard-educated CIA agent is killed during an operation, the secret agency recruits his twin brother. (IMDb)

The Double

A retired CIA operative is paired with a young FBI agent to unravel the mystery of a senator’s murder, with all signs pointing to a Soviet assassin. (IMDb)

House of Flying Daggers

A romantic police captain breaks a beautiful member of a rebel group out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem. (IMDb)

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