UX Content Curators Day (UXC2D)

Celebrating UX Content Curators Day 2015

Happy UX Content Curators Day Happy UX Content Curators Day (image: KTH Main Library via Flickr)

Happy UX Content Curators Day (UXC2D) my friends! Once again we celebrate authors of User Experience related publications and the values of Human-centered Design readings. We especially remember the men and women who serve the ever growing UX- and Design community with the distribution of hand-picked content.

UX Content Curators Day

The term UX Content Curators Day was coined by one of the leading UX Content Curators Peter J. Bogaards (@BogieZero) based on the fact that Peter and @IATV (another well known UX Content Curator) celebrate their birthdays on this very same day.

UX Content Curators share Experience Design related content all over the world. With a never ending passion they extract the most interesting publications from an overwhelming stream of UX thoughts and Design blurbs.

In a world where Design becomes more and more appreciated and people all over the globe strive to understand the implications and virtues of good design, content curators become an essential part of the modern info syllabus.

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